Two weekends ago, I was standing in line at the Whole Foods in Austin, TX, when I saw the latest edition of Domino.  I assumed it was just one of their special editions where they recycle content from past issues (which I would have purchased regardless), but I literally screamed when I flipped open the cover and discovered that Domino was back – for real.   I was so psychotically anxiously excited that I had to pull myself together and figure out how to formulate a comprehendible sentence to explain to my co-worker that this was just the best thing to ever happen.  Seriously.  Ever.  Design publications come and go with a feature or two that are tear outs/keepers, but I have never thrown away an issue of Domino.  They never get old, never seem stuffy or outdated… just excellent, solid, classic design and delightfully inspirational – always.

In their first formal issue back, they visited the home of Manhattan restauranteur, Ali Cayne of Haven’s Kitchen, which I have been dying to see.  The goal behind Haven’s Kitchen is to create a food community of sorts where people can sign up for classes (without the need to enroll in full blown culinary school) cook together, learn and gain an understanding of the importance of locally grown and sustainable foods.  I’m so in love with their vision (you can learn more here) and their space is literally ONE BLOCK from where I’m staying in NY…… I think a visit is in order.  In the interim, take a moment to bask in all of the beauty of Ali’s insanely gorgeous West Village townhouse and check out the full line up and feature in Domino here.


{the most perfect floors – ever}


{effortlessly chic gallery wall}



{jaw dropping}



{subway tile, open shelving, brass fixtures, the creme de la creme range and hood… and a pot filler.  is there anything wrong with this kitchen?! no you’re right, there’s not}



{kthanks for letting me take a bath here forever}


{two words: gilt mirrors}


Hello, New York!


You guys!  I’m in New York right now for Bridal Market for work and I seriously can not stop smiling.  I just love it here so much.  The hustle, bustle, the crisp autumn air, the architecture… everything.  Give me a warm coffee in Union Square, some riding boots, an hour to explore on a chilly fall morning and I’m a happy girl.  I’m running around like a mad woman for the next few days as our company is the one and only wine sponsor of the Martha Stewart Weddings party this year (pinch me!!!), but I’ll be sure to check in soon.  Hope you all have a great weekend!  xoxo

image via me! (Flat Iron 2012)

NYC Design High

Before 2011, I had never been to New York which seems crazy to me now that I’ve been fortunate to have ventured there a few times since… AND LOVE IT!  From the architecture to the hustle and bustle to the food and the people – nothing compares to it.  There is something new around every corner and I always leave heartbroken that I have to go home so soon.  On a recent visit, a friend of mine took me on a tour around ABC Carpet & Home and I about died.  GAH!  I could go on and on about how obsessed I was with everything in sight, but I’ll spare you from my design high rant and just show you the pictures instead :-)

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it absolutely pains me to think of so much of that city under water and the number of people left to start over from scratch.  A few of my favorite artists and designers are doing everything in their power to help.  Be sure to take a look below.  

{Mercury glass!}

{Clearly I was too excited about this mercury glass explosion to take a straight photo.  Love.}

{Blue and green heaven}

{These were actually ceramic even though they look like recycled aluminum cans.  I feel a DIY project coming on!}

{So much inspiration!  Future kitchen cabinet and bookshelf ideas}

{Intricate, hand blown tumblers and flutes}

{I could have taken this entire tray!}

{I’m sorry… but original chevron flooring?!  Please come home with me}

{Industrial pendants}

{Vintage window pane room partitions.  Aaaamazing idea}

{Gorgeous table}

{Recycled glass bottles for days}

{Rifle Paper Company notebooks.  I’ll take seven.  Thanks}

{Cordials that reminded me of my Grandma’s}


{Ohhh just my favorite Madeline Weinrib rug IN LIFE}

{This makes me want to change my color scheme ;-) }

{And this makes me want to keep my color scheme and just buy all new rugs}

Hurricane Sandy Relief

The proceeds from this gorgeous Caitlin McGauley print are being donated to the American Red Cross to help the Hurricane Sandy relief effort.  I absolutely adore her work.

I love this bag from Wedding Chicks!  100% of proceeds are donated to the American Red Cross.

If you would just like to make a donation, please do so here.  Any amount will help.