Thanksgiving Week


Happy Thanksgiving week!  Jake and I took the red eye to New Orleans on Monday night to be here with his family for the holiday and it’s a little different than what we normally do, but I’m happy to be in such an amazing city with loved ones.  I just wanted to pass along the Fall / Winter Entertaining Guide I put together for ONEHOPE in case you were looking for any more recipe ideas for tomorrow.  There are definitely some yummy ones in there so check it out.  All of the images from that shoot can be seen here so be sure to visit there for some more decor tips and ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving!





Images by Brian Tropiano.



tumblr_m85f6tm0C21qlu8g1o1_1280Came across this a while back on Pinterest and it always helps me feel a little better when I need it most.  This week was tough.  My mom and aunt were visiting last week and having them in town was SO nice.  It’s really hard not having any family within 2,500 miles and saying goodbye only gets harder over the years.  Coming home to an empty house on Monday after work felt a lot lonelier than I’d anticipated it would and even little Lily couldn’t fill the void (although she tried with tons of cute snuggles and meows).  Fast forward 2 days and I’m drowning in a sea of work in preparation for what feels like a million projects before I leave for a week on vacation.  SUPER excited to go on vacation, but trying to squeeze in a TON beforehand to make up for the time I’m going to be gone has been stressful.  Do you ever feel that way too?

Anyway!  I’m excited for a weekend with my love and my kitty in an amazingly clean and adorable backyard that my mom and aunt so generously spruced up last week.  Can’t wait to share some images soon :-)  In the meantime, have a very happy weekend!



My Work on Style Me Pretty Living

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!!  Following a grueling drive from LA to SF on Wednesday, Jake and I were so happy to have arrived in one piece in time for a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  It has truly been a tremendous year that has flown by, but aside from feeling a little huge over-indulged at the moment, my heart is full knowing that those around us (as well as ourselves) are healthy, happy and on their way to big things.  On the business side, I could not be more grateful to Style Me Pretty Living for featuring a cocktail I created for work this fall.  It was one of my favorites that we did and is something light and refreshing to enjoy this weekend… a little change of pace following the holiday yet it’s still bursting with fall flavor and won’t disappoint :-) If someone told me 6 years ago as an International Relations major in Michigan itching for some ounce of creativity in my life, that I would be designing, styling and photographing fun spreads for a living, I never would have believed them.  Seeing this feature was definitely a pinch me moment of gratitude.  Here’s to a wonderful weekend filled with thanks and reflection.  Cheers!










Pear and Sparkling Cider Cocktail

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total: 10
Serves: 8


2 cups chilled pear nectar
2 cups apple cider
2 cups ONEHOPE Sparkling Wine
4 ounces bourbon whiskey (I used Knob Creek)
1 pear, unpeeled and cored cut into thin slices lengthwise
2/3 cup sugar, 1/3 cup cinnamon mixed for rimming


Rim champagne coups with cinnamon and sugar mixture.
Combine pear nectar, apple cider, Sparkling wine and whiskey in a pitcher and serve immediately.
Garnish with sliced pear.

*Recipe adapted from here.

Holiday Happenings

The week leading up to Thanksgiving through New Years Day make up my absolute favorite time of the year.  From the anticipation of time with family and friends to delicious food and Christmas music, there is a feeling in the air that is just electric.  The past week has been a busy one, but full of productivity and a few of my favorite holiday traditions.



  • My absolute favorite stationary company ever, Rifle Paper Co. had an amazing Cyber Monday deal that I took full advantage of.  We ordered some holiday cards and gift tags for my boyfriend’s annual holiday corporate gifting… but I seriously might have to sneak a few!  How adorable are they?!
  • Gorgeous Friday night sunset from our rooftop balcony at work.  Perfect ending to the week.
  • I’ve been dying to put our Christmas tree up since before Thanksgiving, but it finally happened over the weekend.
  • There she is!  All decorated.  More pictures to come :-)
  • I know I’ve openly complained about this in the past, but our apartment has ONE (yes, ONE) closet and a tiny pantry.  Our old console table, just wasn’t cutting it and we really needed something that would allow for more storage so that we could use our minuscule make-shift pantry for what else?  Food.  I finally caved and bought an Ikea Malm in white and intend on decking it out in Overlays.  Definitely a project for a rainy winter weekend and I can’t wait.  For now, she’s a little plain Jane, but I couldn’t be happier to have a pantry that stores food instead of vases, crafts and cleaning supplies.  Plus, a white table instead of black really lightens up the hallway :-)
  • And finally… our ONEHOPE Coffee has arrived!  We were like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning waiting as our President cut open the box and pulled out the bags for us to see.  What a wonderful Tuesday treat!