Hello! / DIYs to try this weekend…


Why hello there!  It’s been a while, I know, but things have been straight up cray!  With non-stop work obligations, an office re-configuration, a trip up to Napa (just in time for the earthquake!) and a long wedding weekend over Labor Day, it’s been a little hectic over here.  But alas… my post Labor Day fall nostalgia has set in, I can’t stop thinking about pumpkin spice everything and my fall nesting has reached full force.  I have a list of DIY projects coming out of my ears and plan on finishing at least one or two this weekend.  Here are a few that I’m completely obsessing over.

Geometric garland  |  How amazing would this be as a gigantic mobile?!
Gold geometric mobile  |  Beth and I went to the A Sunny Afternoon launch at URBANIC and these were everywhere – need!
Marquee lights  |  Found these on Etsy, but I’m on a budget, y’all!  Thinking about attempting a “CHEERS” sign for the office soon.
Neon & Gold pots  |  The cutest little pop of color.
Industrial shelf  |  In the process of completing ours for the office and used my friend Casey’s DIY post to create our own :-)

CHEERS!  Happy Friday and yay for short weeks!

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