Lust List


pendant  |  pillow  |  camera bag  |  meow

Just a few pretty things that I can’t stop completely obsessing over… hey, a girl can dream – right?  If the pendant were a plug-in, I would have ordered it in a minute for our place.  The milk glass, the touch of brass – love.  I’ve been looking for a little something to hang over our kitchen peninsula and this would be perfect if I didn’t need to hire an electrician to re-wire our rental.  And the highly coveted banana leaf print made famous by the Beverly Hills Hotel has been an absolute favorite for as long as I can remember.  My love was only reaffirmed when I visited the Lombardi House this past weekend and it was absolutely everywhere in the best way possible.  Curtains, chairs, pillows – Heaven!  I would have snapped a few pictures with camera if I had taken it with me, but my camera bag is an absolute embarrassment (which is why I need this ONA bag!) so I left it at home.  Cognac + gold = sold.  Lastly, Catbird is just the best and my inner cat lady almost died when J.Crew announced a collaboration and released their cat ring.  Of course the only size left in stock is my size… I think it’s a sign :-)

Hope you’re having a great week!

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