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Happy Friday!  Is it just me or was this week TOUGH?!  How amazing does that hammock look right now?  Seriously!  We put the final, final, final touches on our 2014-2015 Products and Experiences catalog this week and sent it off to the printer.  Nail biting, nerve wracking, losing sleep wondering if it’s perfect kind of week.  Today, I’ll be accompanying our Creative Director to the printer to do a press check (something I’ve never done in person before) and I’m so excited!  I’m sure I’ll post a picture or two on Instagram, so be sure to follow me over there.  After that, I’ll be wrapping up a few things at the office before heading into the weekend and I’m planning on doing as little as humanly possible on Saturday & Sunday (in between a few tiny projects, of course).  One thing is for certain, I can’t wait to get a good run in and some beach time to enjoy the hot, sunny weather in the South Bay :-)  Have a great weekend!

A few links from the week…

1.  As a former ballet dancer I can NOT stop watching this!

2.  Dying to try this recipe!

3.  Maybe Lily would love me more if I made her one of these   =^. .^=

4.  Interesting article from a human rights worker in Gaza.

5.  Can’t wait to finally finish this DIY over the weekend.

6.  Absolutely obsessing over this entryway.

7.  Love me a great free printable!

8.  Designing with cats – the prettiest litter box ever!

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