Feeling Blue

Surfers Manhattan Beach Pier 3

Surfers Manhattan Beach Pier

Surfers Manhattan Beach Pier 3

Surfers Manhattan Beach Pier 2

Last week was super emotional… To the nth degree.  Over the course of the past 2 weeks, we’ve had some big personal obstacles and I really hadn’t been that down in the dumps in a while.  Do you ever have those weeks when you just feel blue?  Thankfully, the 4th of July rolled around at just the right time and instead of throwing a big bash like we’d originally planned, we opted to spend time together – just the two of us and a few close friends for the fireworks.  It really was all that I needed to feel whole again.

A few weekends ago, Jake was out of town and I biked up to the Manhattan Beach pier alone.  I parked my bike, grabbed a sandwich at my favorite deli and walked the pier until I could walk no further.  It’s funny and so cliche that some of the simplest things really are what make you the happiest, but that day, I was completely overcome with joy and gratitude.  My heart and soul felt full and I was bursting with sheer bliss.  Some days when we’re doing the daily entrepreneur grind, feeling like we’re scraping by and wondering when we’re ever going to start saving for a house… or a wedding, I forget why we live here.  Days like this day at the Manhattan Beach pier remind me why I moved here and why it’s all worth the wait.

Here’s to simplifying, getting past the daily noise and filling your life with gratitude.  Hope you’re having a wonderful week!


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