A Sangria Summer


One of my biggest jobs for ONEHOPE in addition to overseeing all of our Art Direction is Product Development.  Long story short, my job is a lot of trend spotting and then creating gift packages and products that are beautifully crafted, unique, super high quality and that give back to a wide range of causes.  After seeing the Mimosa Bar concept pop up a few times on the internet, I reached out to Bri Emery over at Design Love Fest to see if she would be interested in collaborating on a Mimosa Bar for one of her many ridiculously amazing floral workshops and she took us up on the offer.  We put together this mimosa bar and once the pictures hit the web, our set-up became the #1 pinned mimosa bar on the internet almost instantaneously in addition to garnering a few thousand likes within a matter of an hour.  I knew we had caught on to something.  After a bunch of sourcing, back and forth with our operations team, mind numbing numbers conversations (I’m a creative person, y’all!), and maybe a few tears, we finally launched our Mimosa Bar in April and officially became the first wine company to offer such a full service (and amazing!!!) package.

Fast forward to late April and while brainstorming fun ideas for Cinco de Mayo and summer, it hit me.  Why not use the Mimosa Bar as a Sangria Bar?!  I LOVE me some summer sangria and is there anything better in the summer?  Additionally, what a cool way to reuse all of the juice carafes and bowls that already come with the Mimosa Bar!  A day or so later, we mixed up a bunch of  different sangria recipes (that I’ve been sharing here) and shot our “Sangria Bar” as something fun for summer entertaining.

I figured if you’re a sangria junkie like me, it might be easiest to house everything in one place so they’re easy to find :-) All of the recipe links are below!  Cheers to kicking off summer the right way!  Xo



Blood Orange Sangria

Guava + Sage Sangria

Blackberry Orange Sangria

Grapefruit Sangria

White Peach Sangria

Tropical Sangria


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