High Low – Spindle Chair

One of my favorite pass-times in Los Angeles is running or walking along The Strand in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach.  I think the beaches in LA’s South Bay are hands down the most beautiful in the area as the terrain changes from completely flat to hills and bluffs with roughly 100 yards of sand before the water.  The South Bay is probably one of my favorite places in the world and keeps me calling this crazy city home on the days when I’m ready to throw in the towel and move to New York… or San Francisco… or Austin ;-)

Aside from walking or running from a fitness and sanity-saving perspective, it’s also where I go to recharge and look for inspiration.  I love looking at the varying architecture of the homes on the beach from total shacks (that are merely investment properties waiting to be cashed in), to ultra modern, to Mediterranean, to grey and white Cape Cod beauties.  There is one home in particular that I pass often with NanaWalls that completely open up to the ocean.  On the days when the residents are home and have the doors open, I always take a quick peek at their absolutely stunning, elegant, beach-inspired decor.  In their family room, situated around their gorgeous coffee table is a white sofa (I die) and four spindle chairs.  Spindle chairs are so versatile, but look exceptional when they take residence in a light and airy coastal home.  After one of my morning walks, I decided to look them up… just a little research for our hopefully future home ;-)  From Williams Sonoma at a striking $1,295 to ZGallerie at a significantly lower $599 (+ $299 ottoman if you’re interested), the range was substantial and a reminder to always look for a better deal.

Happy deal hunting!!! <3

One thought on “High Low – Spindle Chair

  1. Thank you for the info on the spindle chairs. I’ve seen them as high as $1700.00. I love these chairs and will be going to Z Gallerie to take a look and hopefully purchase one for our living room. Love your website. DC

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