Wine Wednesday (HalloWINE Style)

When one of our co-founders at work suggested that we put an adult spin on Halloween and pair our wines with classic trick-or-treat candy, I was game.  She conducted a tasting and figured out which flavors would work the best with one another before passing it over to me to style and shoot.  The office was FULL of goodies yesterday so we all did our own little tastings and they were AMAZING… Some of the pairings were really different and unique so I didn’t expect to like them all as much as I did, but I guess you really can’t go wrong with candy and wine!  It was tough to pick a favorite.  Thought I would pass these along for a little Halloween inspiration in case any of you wanted to give it a whirl on your own!  And I know it might be tempting, but try not to eat all your kids’ Halloween candy ;-) Cheers!








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