Words of Wisdom


I’m a huge fan of Bri Emery over at DesignLoveFest and her “Dress Your Tech” series is my absolute favorite.  I LOVE this desktop put together by Lauren Essl and it’s available as a free download over on Bri’s blog.  Simply put, these words of wisdom came when I really needed it most.  More often than not, I’m running at 100 miles per hour (October has been a complete blur) and I find that I beat myself up over absolutely everything – not responding to an email fast enough, not working out enough, not getting to the office early enough…  I think it’s imperative to constantly strive to create the best version of yourself, but it’s also so important to remind yourself every once in a while that you are enough.  You can not do everything and all anyone expects of you is for you to do your best.  Whenever I find myself wallowing in self doubt and on a downward spiral of feeling like I’m not enough, it’s usually my wonderfully honest and direct boyfriend reaffirming what I’m already feeling.  He has a really keen sense of when I’m headed into one of these lows and is so amazing (although I don’t always appreciate it) at letting me know to take a moment for myself to clear my mind.  I’ve realized that what sends me to this point is usually an overall lack of writing down my goals and keeping lists of what I want and need to accomplish.  Trying to organize it all in my mind simply doesn’t work for me when things get hectic.  I’m looking forward to taking a step back with some time to reflect this weekend in Michigan.  The good ole’ midwest always knows how to put things in perspective for me :-)

What do you do to help remind yourself to slow down?

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