Photo Shoot Friday

cider punch-b2b

Since arriving back to scorching hot LA after the most amazing autumn week in New York, I’ve been gripping onto anything fall related with all my might – Pumpkin Spice Lattes galore, “Leaves” scented candles everywhere… I’m a little crazy about this season.  Today I’m headed to the office to shoot all of our fall cocktail looks and can’t wait to start whipping up some delicious liquid libations!  The creative side of my job is my absolute favorite and there are few things I love more than styling gorgeous shoots to share on blogs and across the interwebs :-)  We were searching for inspiration yesterday and stumbled across this amazing food blog, Verses From My Kitchen.  Everything is so perfectly styled and I love every last shot.  We’re attempting to make a variation of this recipe today and can’t wait to share!  Stay tuned and have a lovely fall weekend!!

Cider punch-apples

cider punch-above set

cider punch-b2b set 2

cider punch-wife's handsAll (gorgeous!) images via

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