High Low: Gilt Mirror


While scanning the pages of Domino, I was FLOORED when I landed on the above vignette.  From the herringbone wood flooring, to the original fireplace and gorgeous ceiling detail – I could not take my eyes off of it.  The focal point of the room however, is the beautiful gilt mirror with its elegantly rounded corners and perfect patina.  It adds such an incredible richness to the space that plays off of the luxurious, gold tones in the floor and the brass lighting above the book shelves.

My boyfriend and I just moved into a new little apartment (more on that later) and I’m learning first hand what a tremendous impact adding mirrors can make.  It’s amazing how such a simple addition can draw your eye up, brighten up a space and make it appear so much larger than it actually is.  You almost don’t notice that the above room is pretty tiny, with room for just two chairs and a small table.  I also couldn’t help but note that I’ve been seeing this classic French mirror EVERYWHERE these days and being that the above version was $1,300 – now reduced to $1,088 (still yikes!), I sought out to find another alternative.  Enter the French Gilt Mirror from Wisteria at a whopping $700+ less.  Success!  Adding that to my wish list ;-)


2 thoughts on “High Low: Gilt Mirror

  1. Totally agree, the mirror in the picture completes the room and really drawers you in. Mirrors are fantastic additions, they can pull a design together adding a touch of glam and warmth and open up a space adding more light :O)

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