Team Thanksgiving Dinner

Last week I posted about our chic Thanksgiving Table inspiration for my company’s HOPEgiving celebration.  It’s the first time we’ve had a Thanksgiving dinner together so we really wanted it to be special in terms of food, wine pairings and decor.  Our Online Marketing Manager has been making Thanksgiving dinner for her family since she turned 18 so she planned (and cooked!) an insanely delicious feast for us while I took control over the tablescape.  The head of our Foundation has been wanting to write a new company manifesto, so we used the Holstee Manifesto cut up into bits to give everyone some inspiration with their place card.  We all wrote a line that we live by and pieced the puzzle together over dinner which made for some wonderful team bonding.  Lastly, our next big venture is ONEHOPE Coffee so I made sure to include some coffee beans mixed in with the florals as well as on everyone’s place setting as a reminder to be thankful for the incredible opportunities we have ahead.  I have to say, it was an absolutely magical evening filled with amazing food (and wine of course!), ONEHOPE family cheer and excitement for 2013!  What a great beginning to the holiday season!

PS: View Lauren’s to-die-for menu here and more on my tablescape and decor here :-)  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

3 thoughts on “Team Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Um, so how insanely cute is your new blog design? I love it! Been thinking about you lately and would love to catch up. Hope this season is treating you well – looks like the office is looking sharp ;)

    Nook & Sea

  2. LOVE the round pictures! Your table looked beautiful – can’t wait to have your help at Christmas – just a few short weeks away!!! I’ll be thinking of you today – your at the top of my things to be thankful for today. I love you, Megan. Miss you so much. xoxox

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