Hope at Home Site Launch

Wahoo!  It’s finally here!  Today we officially launched the new Hope at Home site which has been a tremendous effort on the direct-to-consumer side of our business.  Originally, Hope at Home was just a tiny section of the ONEHOPE Wine site and being that the program has been such a huge success, we finally invested in creating its own stand-alone site and did an entire rebrand.  I worked hand in hand with the program’s Director, Haley Harris to appropriately rebrand this program and integrate some softer and slightly more feminine design elements into the customer’s visual experience.

We started with completely eliminating black from the equation.  Black is a very prominent color in the ONEHOPE Wine branding, which is perfectly fine, but we wanted to tone down the masculinity a bit for this at-home wine tasting side of our business (being that our customers and Wine Specialists are primarily female).  However, since all of our wine labels are black, we didn’t want to go so far in the opposite direction to where the two couldn’t compliment one another.  From there, we integrated a lot of texture including kraft paper and chalkboard with a little hint of chevron thrown into the mix to give it some energy and fun.  I love it!  What do you think?

PS:  If you’re interested in hosting a wine party and donating back to a cause of your choice check it out here.  If you’d like to become a Wine Specialist, click here.

4 thoughts on “Hope at Home Site Launch

  1. Hi!

    I found you via WordPress when browsing other wine party blog posts. This is such a pretty blog site. I look forward to checking it out often!

    We host an annual wine tasting each year, too, and this year I created a set of FREE printables to use at our party. Check out my post and feel free to use my printables for your party. I have bottle labels (1-10) and tasting cards (1- 8), as well as sample wine pairing menu that you can share with your followers so they can download and print.


    ps Did you get your hands on any Beaujolais Nouveau yet? This rare wine was just released yesterday! ;-D


    • Hi Haydee! Thank you so much!!! I love the idea of the free printables! We’re always in need of tasting cards and pairing menus so I will definitely pass this on to our team.

      Sadly, I didn’t get my hands on any Beaujolais Nouveau yet, but will definitely have to celebrate with some over the weekend :-)

      Looking forward to checking out your blog!



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