Executive Office – Paint it Black

After posting about our office yesterday, I got a few concerned comments (primarily from my mother) about my decision to paint our executive space off-black.  “Are you sure you want to do that?  You do realize that black is one of the hardest colors to paint… right?  What if you hate it and want to paint it back?  Do you know how hard that will be?”  Not going to lie, I panicked for a moment and jumped back on Pinterest at the first chance I got.  True to my stubborn self, after taking a 10 minute break to re-evaluate the images of black offices I’ve been stalking collecting, I decided to move forward with off-black plan.  Tomorrow I’m picking up paint chips to make a final decision on the exact hue and we’ll finally get this show on the road.

{This space, designed by Atmosphere Interiors is so beautiful that it warrants three pictures.  Those walls definitely aren’t painted (I’m certain it’s a wallpaper – not paint/stencil), but the black, white and gold are so gorgeous together I could die}

{The lamps. The mirror. The chair… GAH!}

{Simply perfect}

{Check out this stunner by Amy Morris for the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle show house.  Black, gold, lucite, cognac leather… and that fixture!!!  Done and done}

{From the home of Adam Straus as seen in Lonny Mag.  Pretty much obsessed on every level here…}

{Not as formal – love the integration of the wood and textures of the roman shades.  Perfection featured in Lonny}

After doing some extensive research on rooms with black walls, there are two primary things you need to have in order for the space to succeed:  Great architecture and a ton of light.  Being that this space is a glassed-in loft (with two whole walls of glass, leaving only two to be painted), I’m certain that we have both of the above.  The architecture of our office space is gorgeous (pictures to come soon) and being that daylight enters from both the east and west glass walls, we have plenty of light to keep the space from feeling cramped.  I can’t wait for it to be done :-)

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