NYC Design High

Before 2011, I had never been to New York which seems crazy to me now that I’ve been fortunate to have ventured there a few times since… AND LOVE IT!  From the architecture to the hustle and bustle to the food and the people – nothing compares to it.  There is something new around every corner and I always leave heartbroken that I have to go home so soon.  On a recent visit, a friend of mine took me on a tour around ABC Carpet & Home and I about died.  GAH!  I could go on and on about how obsessed I was with everything in sight, but I’ll spare you from my design high rant and just show you the pictures instead :-)

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it absolutely pains me to think of so much of that city under water and the number of people left to start over from scratch.  A few of my favorite artists and designers are doing everything in their power to help.  Be sure to take a look below.  

{Mercury glass!}

{Clearly I was too excited about this mercury glass explosion to take a straight photo.  Love.}

{Blue and green heaven}

{These were actually ceramic even though they look like recycled aluminum cans.  I feel a DIY project coming on!}

{So much inspiration!  Future kitchen cabinet and bookshelf ideas}

{Intricate, hand blown tumblers and flutes}

{I could have taken this entire tray!}

{I’m sorry… but original chevron flooring?!  Please come home with me}

{Industrial pendants}

{Vintage window pane room partitions.  Aaaamazing idea}

{Gorgeous table}

{Recycled glass bottles for days}

{Rifle Paper Company notebooks.  I’ll take seven.  Thanks}

{Cordials that reminded me of my Grandma’s}


{Ohhh just my favorite Madeline Weinrib rug IN LIFE}

{This makes me want to change my color scheme ;-) }

{And this makes me want to keep my color scheme and just buy all new rugs}

Hurricane Sandy Relief

The proceeds from this gorgeous Caitlin McGauley print are being donated to the American Red Cross to help the Hurricane Sandy relief effort.  I absolutely adore her work.

I love this bag from Wedding Chicks!  100% of proceeds are donated to the American Red Cross.

If you would just like to make a donation, please do so here.  Any amount will help.

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