San Francisco-ing

Last Wednesday, I flew up to San Francisco for a gorgeous few days of work and play.  I’m so in love with that city, it’s hard to put it into words and pictures never do it justice so I always wind up yearning to go back from the moment I hit the ground at LAX.  The architecture, the food, the history and the seemingly endless hills with panoramic views of the city from every street corner leaves me with the desire to pack my bags and find little a bay-windowed studio to call home.  Check out a few of my favorite weekend moments below.

{Quick lunch break at The Melt at Stanford.  This place was amazing!  They only serve different types of grilled cheese sandwiches and soups for dipping.  YUM.  Side note: They’re expanding from 4 to 22 locations in 2012… Proof that a simple (but great) concept and design are a winning combination}

{Platters of finger food for our Hope at Home tasting in Santa Cruz}

{View of the Golden Gate from my friend’s rooftop as it started to light up at dusk}

{Views from the top of Nob Hill}

{So very envious of this rooftop (yes, I was doing some stalking).  Great little grilling/entertaining space with a patch of grass for a very lucky city pup}

{Taking in the architecture and hills}

{My friend Megan’s adorable gallery wall in her room}

{Some wine and kitty cat snuggle time while finishing up our work day}

{On my walk from Nob Hill to Union Square}


{San Francisco buildings are never short of character and detail}

{On our walk to Sunday brunch}


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