Thursday Thanks – Lily

Just over a year ago, our kitten was born and since we adopted her from the West LA Animal Shelter, we don’t really know much about her early days other than that she was found at about 2 1/2 months old wandering the streets of West Los Angeles alone.  I had been begging and pleading Jake for months to let me get a cat since he travels so often and he was adamant that we’d never have one because of his allergies.  For whatever reason, I was feeling a little down on my way home from class one day last May and decided that a trip to the shelter to visit the animals would cheer me up.  There was a playroom full of tiny kittens that weren’t available until the following week and then a feline room for the larger cats that I almost never stepped into, but something lead me into that room that day and I’m so glad it did.  With her tiny paw reaching out at me, I met Lily for the first time.  I convinced the man working there to let me take her out and hold her and from the moment she nuzzled up against me and started purring, I knew I had to take her home.  The following morning, after Jake met her and there were thankfully no signs of an allergic reaction, we made her ours and she’s been an absolute joy in our lives ever since :-)

I’m a firm believer that animals truly lift our spirits and offer unconditional love to those who need it most.  There are vast studies that show that with weekly doses of “pet therapy” patients in both nursing homes and hospitals show great improvement.  Additionally, having a pet has shown to do wonders for your stress levels and health.  Lily’s little spark-plug personality has been nothing short of fascinatingly entertaining for both of us and she’s been the perfect little addition to our home.  For that, I’m starting my first “Thursday Thanks” post with her.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thanks – Lily

  1. What a sweet looking girl! I grew up having a cat in my family, and loved their independent and caring personalities. Once we got a dog (who developed a serious case of “I own this family” Small Dog Syndrome), I was baffled that she didn’t want to be in my lap or really be near me like my cat did – bummed me out. My husband says he hates cats (I just think it’s because he doesn’t even know how to pick one up – like babies), so we opted for a fish (haha) and are slowly inching our way towards a rescue dog one of these days. I’m so glad you got her from the shelter! There’s just too many animals out there, and unfortunately, they get mistreated because people just don’t know what to do with them. But a happy life for the both of you :) Yay, Lily!

    Nook & Sea

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