Winter Wedding Weekend in Telluride

I often have a hard time readjusting after taking a weekend break from this crazy city and our return from Telluride, CO where we witnessed our friends Phillip and Claire marry last weekend was no different.  The couple currently lives in London where Claire is an accomplished interior designer and Phillip is an attorney at a world-renowned firm.  Telluride is a very special place for both of them and I’m so happy to have experienced it for the first time.  Growing up enduring frigid Midwest winters, I could hardly imagine why anyone would ever vacation in a cold place.  After living in Southern California for a few years, however, I can completely understand and traveling to this tiny, snow-covered mountain town of 2,000 was nothing short of enchanting.  Here are a few of my favorite moments from last weekend that make me smile :-)

{Stunning morning view from our condo}

{Downtown Telluride}

{Taking the gondola up for the first time}

{Gorgeous mountain views in every direction}

{ Rare blog picture of the boyfriend and I… thinking of this day makes me so happy :-) }

{The long descent back to Telluride}

{Exploring in the powdery snow}

{LOVED the cozy lodge feel and architecture}

{Refueling at 9545 in Mountain Village thanks to the suggestion of some friendly locals}

{Gorgeous flowers in the reception bar area}

{“Mr. & Mrs.”}

{White and green florals and mercury glass… stunning!}

{Beautiful tablescapes}

{Burlap tablecloths, white china, white florals, silver mercury glass accents… a gorgeous winter wonderland}

{Is there anything in the world better than lobster pastry puffs?!  I mean… come on!}


{View from Allred’s at the top of the mountain}

{I’m a sucker for antler chandeliers}

{Delicious post wedding breakfast hangover cure at The Butcher & The Baker}

 {Southwest scramble}

{Gearing up for the looong drive home}

{Perfect AZ desert sunset to end our weekend}

5 thoughts on “Winter Wedding Weekend in Telluride

  1. Wow that last shot is crazy cool! And isn’t that little mountain village just the cutest?! Our family has a cabin in Big Bear, so I’ve always loved the mountain life (although I’m always cold…so maybe not all the time)! Haha. You two are adorable!

    • Thank you! I loved the little town so much… I can completely understand now why people fall head over heels for Telluride. I’m not a fan of wintery cold either, but it was breathtaking there, I didn’t mind a bit.

  2. Hello! Gorgeous wedding! I am also thinking of a Telluride wedding, but have concerns about the weather causing travel difficulties/delays for guests and wedding party :(

    How did you handle this? I’d love any advice you have about planning a wedding in T-ride, as I will be planning from afar :)

    Thank you!

    • Hi Amanda! I completely understand your concerns. Being that Telluride is so remote, you have to consider it just as any other destination wedding where travel plans could get a little complicated due to time changes and weather. Telluride is really expensive to fly into (and really scary to land!) so my boyfriend and a few friends of ours opted to drive there from LA instead of flying. The drive was absolutely gorgeous, but we too ran into weather issues and had to sleep on the freeway in Nevada until the roads were clear about 12 hours later. That definitely set us back, but we allowed enough time to get there before all of the wedding festivities began. Basically, if you are upfront with your guests from the beginning about potential weather complications (and that they should plan accordingly), everyone should be fine – just know that the final guest count is probably going to be a bit lower than it would be if you stuck to a location and venue easily accessible.

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