12 Resolutions for 2012

At this time last year amongst all of the chatter that 2011 was going to be the “best year ever”, I was quietly preparing for one that I knew was going to be trying and difficult.  I was honing in on another career change, had just encountered a heart breaking falling-out with a close friend and was about to embark on a full year of design school that I had discovered in the fall of 2010 was not an easy walk in the park like I’d foolishly expected.  Looking back at 2011, it was definitely one of my most difficult years, but also one of the most rewarding.  I excelled in design school, managed to keep my head up during quarterly finals (thanks to an amazing and supportive group of star designer friends… and my boyfriend and mom), I started a blog to database and voice my love for my three favorite things in life: Design, Wine and Dining, I vehemently worked to turn our tiny beach apartment into a home (and I think I finally succeeded), we rescued an absolutely delightful kitten named Lily and with a ton of collaborative work with my favorite wine company, I designed, developed and launched this program… something I’m really proud of.  Somehow in there, I managed to squeeze in some great traveling (Costa Rica, Tahoe, San Francisco, Austin, Palm Springs, and Michigan x 2), tried out several new favorite recipes, eateries and wine and remained healthy (albeit not in the best shape ever).  Happily, my friends and family are doing the same and I think we’re all ready to take 2012 by the horns.  Here are a few of my New Year’s Resolutions:

1.  Wake up thankful every morning.
2.  Work out at least three times a week and eat healthier (more salads!).
3.  Take a few minutes a day to organize/clean something.
4.  Entertain more.
5.  Eat out less and cook at home more.
6.  Connect more often with my extended family (and friends across the country).
7.  Appreciate the process.
8.  Travel more.
9.  Wake up earlier every morning.
10.  Practice punctuality.
11.  Work hard, love harder.
12.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.


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