My Kind of Color

Confession: I’ve never once dyed my hair (unless you consider gold hair mascara in 8th grade “dyeing”) and up until a year ago, I absolutely despised painting my nails.  I’m convinced the combination of these two characteristics means I’m a pretty low maintenance girl.  “Haha,” says the boyfriend ;-)  Truth be told, after a decade of having a ballet teacher tell you not to even think about a pedicure for fear of having your painfully earned point shoe calluses scraped off your feet, I didn’t even have a professional pedi until a few years back.  I know, I know… GROSS.  I don’t even want to know what my Thai manicurist might have been saying about my feet.  That being said, I’m kind of a late bloomer in the nail upkeep department and I’m terrible at picking out nail colors to suit my skin tone.  That all changed when I randomly and reluctantly toted home Mink Muffs by Essie on a CVS run last month.  The color is absolutely gorgeous on and I’ve since seen several LA ladies flawlessly sporting it around town.  I’m convinced it’s as close to a universal color as possible in the nail world and it looks just fabulous on everyone.

Essie Mink Muffs: Buy your own bottle here.

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