Mercury Glass

Last holiday season I went on mercury glass overload in our home and I can’t wait to do it again this year… It’s back with a vengeance and I simply can’t get enough!  Table lamps and candle holders and ornaments, oh my!  I love that the shimmery silver seamlessly integrates into whatever color palate you already have in your home.  Whether you decorate with traditional Christmas reds and greens, cool oceanic hues, warm jewel tones, rustic browns or chic blacks and whites, even the tiniest bit of mercury glass accessorizing will add the perfect touch of holiday glimmer to your space.  Check out a few of my favorites for this holiday season below.

1.  Mercury Votive Holder – $5 – West Elm
2.  Tall Candle Holder – $12.80 – Target
3.  Etched Mercury Glass Ornament (Set of three) – $15 – Ballard Designs
4.  Tall Mercury Glass Vase – $19 – West Elm
5.  Industrial Pendant – $99 – West Elm
6.  Pinecone Ornament – $6 – Target
7.  Silver Pineapple Bowl – $32 – Jayson Home
8.  Silver Ribbed Votive Holders – $18 – Jayson Home
9.  Mercury Owl – $14 – West Elm
10.  Antique Glass Silver Origami Ball Ornament – $3.50 – Crate & Barrel
11.  Serena Antique Mercury Glass Hurricane Lamps – $89 – Pottery Barn

3 thoughts on “Mercury Glass

    • Hi Bridgene! I wouldn’t use a mercury glass container for serving food or drinks out of unless it was specifically made for that purpose. A lot of mercury glass is cheaply made with a spray of silver leaf/paint on the inside with very little adhesive. The silver tends to peel away if water sits in it for too long so I would be afraid of guests drinking out of it. Hope that helps! Thanks!

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