Fireplace Love

As the nights grow chilly and the days shorten, I can’t help but crave the warmth of a fireplace to curl up next to with a glass of wine and a good book.  To me, there is nothing more inviting or romantic than a fireplace in a home whether minimalistic and modern or grand and traditional.  I love to make fireplaces a focal point in whatever space I’m designing, either residential or commercial as they are such a beautiful and functional architectural element not to be overlooked.  Unfortunately, a fireplace was one thing that our little beach loft didn’t have when we fell in love with the rest of our place so I think it’ll be that much more special once we have one again.  Check out a few of the fireplaces that have me slightly jealous are inspiring me today… and while you’re never going to totally replicate one of the below with a wall mounted version, there are plenty of affordable and stylish options out there (starting at $139!) for you fireplace connoisseurs :-)

{Cozy and gorgeous!  Via}

{Black and white contrast + A little black on black +Gold + Animal Print = Sexy, Elegant, Glamourous and Dramatic all wrapped into one delicious room.  Via}

{Who says you need a man to keep you warm at night?  Perfect tiny, bedside fireplace for a city girl.  Obsessed with this entire artful room.  See it here}

{Give me zebra print, lucite furniture and a well worn-in fireplace any day.  I’ll never tire of this look.  Via}

{Perfectly eclectic and warm.  Via}

{Homey and happy.  Via}

{Gorgeous rustic stone, beautiful common brick and crystal chandeliers.  Need I say more?!  Via}

{Amazing transformation!  See it here}

{Shag rug to snuggle on in front of this wood burning fireplace.  Love.  Via}

{Charming little wood burning furnace – so cozy!  Via}

{Rustic fireplace love.  Via}

{OBSESSED with kitchen fireplaces.  How lovely!  Via}

2 thoughts on “Fireplace Love

  1. I think you just inspired my next post! Hehe. I have a Pinterest board just for fireplaces because I’m just as obsessed with them as you! The last one is pretty cool – a fireplace right next to seating in the kitchen. Oh yeaaaaa.

    Something 2 Write About

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