Desk Dilemma + Ghost Chair Obsession = New Office

When we moved into our apartment (just over a year ago – yikes!) we were in a scramble to furnish our place on the cheap.  Neither of us had much furniture to start and in trying to combine my slightly feminine design eye with the manliest of all boyfriend’s masculinity and comfort concerns, we wound up with a pretty traditional space and (in my personal opinion) way too many black case goods – including our desk.  While we got a steal on the custom piece, it’s one of those things that just wasn’t fully thought-out before we shelled out close to nothing for it.  Come to find out, I absolutely loath a black work surface (I know, it sounds ridiculous), but there is something so clean, fresh and motivating to me about a white or mirrored desk that the abundance of darkness is just discouraging.  And quite frankly, it gives me a headache when I work from it.  To make matters worse, we never purchased a chair for our desk so I’ve just been using one of our super uncomfortable (Ikea seagrass) dining chairs in the interim.  WAH!  I know I sound like a big baby right now, but I’m ALL about pretty (and functional) work spaces.

That being said, last week I finally reached my breaking point.  Since my other half insists on keeping the desk black, I’ve decided to order a mirror for the top.  And since I’m the only one working from it with a sore bum from the terrible chair, I decided to order this chair, which I’ve been eying for quite some time.  Truth be told, I have an undying love for ghost chairs.  The timeless lines of the traditional Louis XVI chair combined with the contemporary visual weightlessness of lucite, makes for the perfect transitional piece to accompany either traditional or modern decor.  To my surprise the chair came in just a few days of ordering, is much sturdier than originally thought and is one of the best knock-offs I’ve ever seen.  I’ll share some pictures soon, but take a look at the few images that inspired me to take the plunge.

{Great dining room.  Image source unknown}

{Effortless style.  Via}

{Neoclassical meets modern – gorgeous.  Via}

{Beautiful!  Via}

{Mirrored desk, lucite chair.  Done and done!  Via}

{Rustic white desk, bookshelves, faux fur.  Love. Via}

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