Wedding Flowers

My cousin Mike recently asked the love of his life to marry him and I’m absolutely thrilled not only for their future together, but to be doing their wedding flowers next year ;-)  YAY!  I couldn’t think of a more splendid way to welcome Erin into our family and can’t wait for their big day (next September) which still seems way too far away to wait.  Erin found a bouquet she fell in love with online, so when I was home recently for their engagement party, I decided to try to replicate it as much as possible and experimented with what will potentially be the perfect centerpieces for their autumn Northern Michigan vineyard nuptials.  What do you think?!

8 thoughts on “Wedding Flowers

  1. megs love the blue thistle, you are so talented! have you thought about using globe thistle? they are great for wedding flowers too because they dry perfectly for a keepsake. hope you and jake are doing well! xoxo

    • Thanks, Jenna! I have used globe thistle in the past… I love it in bouquets that are a little looser to create a really unique, wild flower/flower child, rustic look. And it is GREAT for drying. I’ll have to pick some up the next time I’m at the flower mart :-) Thanks for the well wishes! Tell Matt I said hello! Xo

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