Wine Wednesday

Wine and cheese are two items we always have on hand in our household.  Whether it’s just the two of us for a relaxing night in or a casual last minute get together with a few guests, a great bottle of wine and a platter of 3-4 delicious cheeses sets the perfect tone for effortless entertaining.  I’m not sure if it’s the fall colors over the weekend in Michigan or my cousin’s 2012 vineyard wedding brainstorming session that got me excited about wine parties, but I’ve really come back to California with an itch to host a slightly more formal wine tasting this fall that would include more than just four people.  I’m thinking cheeses, meats, olives, gourmet mac & cheese and even cracker crust pizzas… YUM!  Check out some of the images below that have me completely inspired (and hungry) this morning :-)

{Cracker crust pizza, red wine and a fabulous raised cheese platter.  Love!  Image via}

{Delicious assortment!  Image via}

{One of my personal favorites: bite sized gourmet mac and cheese.  Mmm!  Image via}
{Gorgeous!  Image via}
{I love the idea of using a slate as a labeled cheese platter.  Image via}

{Cleaver!  Cork spreading knives to fit with the theme.  Image via}

{What a great idea!  Chalkboard runner with labeled pairings.  Love!  Image via}


4 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday

  1. Such beautiful photos, Megan! Now I’m inspired to host a wine and cheese party! I’m with you on the Mac & Cheese…gotta have it! :)

  2. I think I’ll be making those adorable cork knives as gifts with the awesome ONEHOPE corks that have quotes on them ;) It will be a hit I’m sure! Love the ideas Megan

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