Wine Wednesday

Last Wine Wednesday I talked about ONEHOPE Wine’s lovely Chardonnay and their October Breast Cancer Awareness initiatives.  I hate to double up on posts about the same wine, but this update is just too exciting for me not to share :-)  As of the 1st, ONEHOPE has launched a new Facebook tab that allows you to see how many mammograms for underprivileged women have been provided as a result of their Chardonnay sales this month.  Additionally, ONEHOPE is donating $1 for every Facebook “like” during the month of October.  How great is that?!  Check out their tab in real-time here.  If you’re not a big wino like me, at least “like” their page, share it with some friends and see the impact you’re having on women who can’t afford regular breast cancer screenings.

Are there any other cool companies out there that you know of that are promoting breast cancer awareness this October?  Send them my way… I’d love to hear about them!  Cheers!

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