Little Log Cabin Love

My love of interior design started when I was a little girl, not only though my mother’s teachings but through my absolute fascination with history.  I can not even tell you how many times I read the entire Little House on the Prairie series, Little Women and subsequently wrote my own story books about pioneers and great American historical events.  My dad and grandpa built me a playhouse one year for my birthday and within days the entire thing was outfitted with vintage lanterns, chairs, mason jars and other knick-knacks from an antique show my mom and I went to every year in Petoskey, Michigan.  In school, one of my favorite projects of all time was constructing a log cabin with branches from our back yard, a moss roof and tiny furniture made by hand.  I had completely forgotten about that project until browsing Joss & Main this morning and I stumbled upon this log cabin in the Young House Love Outside In sale.  HOW FUN!  I’m obsessed!  What a great gift for a little girl (or boy) that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a TV screen or computer.  This brought back a world of memories and I hope to one day inspire my own future children to appreciate history… and design :-)

If you haven’t signed up for Joss & Main yet… DO IT!  And make sure you check out all of the amazing furniture, accessories and artwork in the Outside In sale.

One thought on “Little Log Cabin Love

  1. Aw, I LOVE it!! I think we share the same fascinations, although my interests growing up were more in the Victorian-esque age with the huge dresses, formalities and historic houses that you could get lost in. Nevertheless, I’ve always been a cabin girl, too. My family has a cabin up in Big Bear, CA and I’m heading up there soon. So many memories in the mountains! It’s neat to hear about your inspirations. You write so well :) xo

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