Gallery Wall Love

Our entryway in our apartment is comprised of a long hallway with the right wall opening up into our living space.  Right now it’s horribly empty and screams at me daily for a few big pieces of art or a gallery wall.  Since I have several empty frames laying around that are dying to be filled and hung, I decided to take the gallery wall route and I can’t wait to get it completed.  What better way to display memories, art and a few inspirational typography quotes?!  The space is currently taped off (and I’ll share images in a “how to” over the course of the next few weeks) as we wait for a few final items to pull the whole look together, but here are some of my inspirations that I keep coming back to for organization reference.

{I saw this wall last year in Pottery Barn and have been hanging onto the image ever since.  Love the paint color, the textures, the varying frame sizes…. Swoon!}

{Gorgeous!  Great mixtures of ledges, lighting, photography and art. Via}

{Layering technique obsession!  Via}

{While I wouldn’t want to use all mirrors, I like the idea of incorporating a few of them to add some light and reflection. Via}

{So chic.  Great black and white prints. Via}

{Simple and elegant. Gilt frames… yes please!!}

{Love this hallway with frames all the way up to the ceiling.  Via}

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