Friday Flowers

There is nothing quite like the LA Flower Mart.  Located at 8th and Wall Street, it’s the in heart of downtown adjacent to the hustle and bustle of the Fashion District.  For someone who generally tries to steer clear of downtown Los Angeles, there is something so cheerful about the Flower Mart and it is truly a hidden gem in the city.  I grabbed a few shots of blooms that were inspiring me while placing a few orders for upcoming events yesterday.  Check out a few of my favorites below.

Happy Friday!

{I LOVED these fall colors!  How gorgeous would a few sprigs of this be in a casual autumn bridal bouquet?}

{Always a fan of whimsical yellows.  I used a little of this here}

{Coffee beans galore!  It’s generally hard to find them in red (ripe) because those are saved for coffee making, but I think they’re just beautiful and was happy to see them yesterday morning}

{People either love or hate sunflowers and I totally understand either side, but to me they’re just so warm and cheerful.  I love these colors!}

{Always a favorite… a sea of elegant ivory and green hydrangeas juxtaposed against fun, colorful gerber daisies.  Heaven for the flower lover}


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