Nomad at Heart

Holy Moly, TIME FLIES!  I can not believe October is fast approaching.  In a few short weeks, I’ll be entering into my final quarter of design school… hence the lack of posts over the course of the last two weeks (brutal, brutal finals last week).  But, they’re finally finished, I ended the quarter on a great note and I’m looking forward to spending October-December researching, creating and finalizing my Commercial and Residential Design Theses.

Last Thursday (after all of my projects were presented and handed in) I jetted off to Austin, TX for Austin City Limits.  I’ve got to say, Austin really stole my heart.  I’ve been one to slightly obsess over most cities I make it to (NYC, Seattle, etc.), but there was something about Austin that really made me feel at ease and at home unlike anywhere else I’ve been to in the past.  I don’t want to give away too many details about the trip as I’ve got a City Guide coming soon, but I’m having a seriously hard time adjusting to the noise and beach haze of LA this morning.  Perhaps I’m just a nomad at heart or maybe I really found a future home… only time will tell.

Regardless, tune in tomorrow for some of my Austin favorites that I just can’t wait to share :-)

{Image via Etsy}

2 thoughts on “Nomad at Heart

  1. I’ve only been to Houston. And by “been to”, I really mean stuck in the airport stranded in a thunderstorm for over 8 hours. It was delightful! :) I love the way you write. Very nice! Thanks for sharin’ the love over at Something 2 Write About! I’ll be checking back here soon :)

  2. Megan was told she would be a published author at the ripe age of 7! The love of reading, and some really awesome pre-school and primary teachers were an asset. Thank you Mrs. Svenkensen and Mrs. Rider!!

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