Office Space

I’m currently in the middle of wrapping up an office project so work spaces have definitely been on my mind lately. I can say without a doubt that they’ve quickly become one of my favorite spaces to design simply because there is an absolute science to human productivity.  Your environment can make or break the amount of work you’re able to get done in a given day (as well as your overall mental state) and organizational methods vary so much from person to person.  As a former Hollywood assistant, I thought the toughest yet most interesting parts of the job were not rolling calls, running (physically running) errands or dealing with celebrities – it was getting inside your boss’s brain and understanding their organizational methods (or lack thereof) so that they’re able to function in such a high-stress environment.  Clearly I was meant for a desk job in the Hills – not.  But in all seriousness, what I discovered was that no two agents’ methods were ever remotely close to being the same and I think that fact alone lays ground for an argument against identical, dull, grey cubicles in which so many Americans call home for 8+ hours a day.

In comes the inspiration… The new WhoWhatWear offices in LA have found a flawless balance between functionality and personality and I’m completely obsessed.  Check out some of my favorite images of their offices below.

{I love the clean, white palate… and the peonies add the perfect punch of color}

{The inspiration boards are the first thing you see upon entering the office and set the professional tone while a custom settee with accent pillows keep the space comfortable and personal}

{Close-up of inspiration board and accessories on top of the credenza}

{I LOVE the coral accents!  Looks familiar, no?}

{Add a punch of personality to your office with a fun business card holder}

{Really loving this mirrored fireplace/mantle idea… and not just for an office!}

{The chair and accent pillow keep the space comfortable while this book case from West Elm with magazine holders keeps everything clean and organized}

{Great way to store (ahh-hemm!) “necessities” that are just too pretty to put away}

{I spy vintage lamps, a jute hallway runner and ghost chair… Need I say more?  Obsessed!}

{All images taken via WhoWhatWear and The Coveteur}

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