San Francisco

Every time I travel to San Francisco, I’m more and more convinced that it’s my favorite city.  There is truly no other place like it with the hills, architecture, spurts of sunshine, views of the clear blue bay… and I always leave wishing we had another day to explore all of the secret little gems the city has to offer.  While out and about on Sunday morning we discovered FL!PP (Fashionable Living in Petite Places) and I was instantly in love.  With an incredible selection of both modern and vintage architecturally inspired furniture, great upholstery and an impressive assortment of gorgeous lamps, I could have walked out with every item in the store.  Leave it to me to become completely captivated with the quaint garden out back, rich with succulents galore, garden stools and vintage letter signs that I will certainly be back for in the future.  We spent the remainder of the day strolling around the city and enjoying every breath of crisp, fresh air.  And per usual, I haven’t stopped thinking about San Francisco since.

{I love these letter signs!}

{Succulents for days…}

{Perfect juxtaposition of bright, shiny yellow ceramics and weathered vintage elements}

{Stockpile of more vintage letter signs}

{Great combination of chic trellis shaded table lamps and vintage furniture and accessories}

{Original tile work at 1299 Lombard}

{Gorgeous view (albeit slightly too foggy to see the Golden Gate) from my friends’ rooftop}

{I am in love with these flowering trees!  Their vibrancy is breathtaking and they’re all over San Francisco and LA.  Does anyone know their name?}

{If I were to build a home in San Francisco, this would be it.  I love the common brick, the balconies, the gorgeous French doors and windows… and of course the flowers}

7 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. I got engaged in San Fran! I wish we had more time to run around too. Unfortunately, we had some scary run in’s in the city, but I’d like to give it a second chance (and know where the pedestrian-friendly places are)! I felt so lost! Haha.

    • So romantic! Such a great city! Definitely give it another shot… it took me a few times to come around because it was so rainy/foggy the first few times I went, but now I’m hooked :-)

    • ME TOO! I definitely have more of an appreciation for Spanish tiles after having lived in CA. The artistry behind them is so incredible. You and be both, Kristen… one thing at a time :-)

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