Pink and Bling

I’ve got to say, until Friday I never knew that a bright pink + diamond themed wedding could possibly be so elegant and enchanting.  Pink and bling are just really not my thing, but the start to our wedding filled weekend (as mentioned here) was completely stunning and filled me with so many great ideas for floral clients that aren’t into traditional containers and an ivory color palate.  Additionally, I tend to get some push-back when I suggest varying centerpieces from table to table (half with flowers and half with candles or half with tall arrangements and half with short, etc.) because I think the concern is that the room will suddenly look too sparse or uneven when that isn’t the case at all.  Some variation adds visual interest without becoming “too much” (as this gorgeous reception proved) so I’m excited that I now have the perfect example to present to clients.

{Floating candles at varying heights set the romantic mood for dinner and drinks}

{Gorgeous array of both low and stemmed glass containers atop a lucite platform with rows of candles}

{One of the tables without a floral centerpiece… several candles atop rose petals kept the theme consistent and romantic}

{Incredible menu… and the napkin rings were bracelets that guests rocked all night and later wore home}

{I love the idea of integrating “giving back” into a wedding and I also love the idea of sending guests home with a bottle of wine… They found the perfect balance and selected this wine (one of my favorites!) and the faux diamond toppers with pink tags were just perfect}

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