Always a Dreamer

Before I had even finished undergrad, hit the streets of Hollywood, had my heart crushed a few times, landed a job at an (about-to-undergo-a-ruthless-merger) talent agency, co-founded a fashion tape company and wound up in design school… before all of that (and some Photoshop classes), there was Polyvore.  I recently stumbled upon an interiors blog whose author had created a number of “sets” using Polyvore and the memory floodgates came rushing open.  I had completely forgotten about Polyvore (as well as my username/password) so it took a while to finagle my way back into my account, but voila!  I finally did it!  I hadn’t logged in, in three years, so it was definitely a trip down memory lane and interesting to see not only how my style has evolved, but what I was experiencing emotionally as a 20 year old on the cusp of graduation and grappling with what path to take toward my career. Polyvore interiors didn’t exist at the time I was creating these, but I’ll have to check it out now as a quicker alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator.  While the below have nothing to do with interior/floral design, I just had to share a few of my favorites.  You can take a look at the rest of my (some cute and some obnoxious) sets here.


Summer FunCool Chick

3 thoughts on “Always a Dreamer

  1. I totally forgot about polyvore!! I seem to recall a few ‘studying’ dates that got a little sidetracked by said website lol. Love your sets!

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