Garden House

Weeks like these deserve a vacation or at least a little tiny retreat to come home to at the end of the day.  There’s no doubt I’ve inherited my mom (and grandma’s) green thumb and I’m fascinated with not only growing my own food, but with filling up every available inch of our balcony space with beautiful blooms.  The careful nurturing that is required for gardening is really soothing to me and is one of the few moments in my busy schedule when I feel truly at peace.  Garden houses like the ones pictured below make me so happy and excited for the day when I can hopefully have a similar little space to call my own.

{So beautiful!  I love all of the glass, mullions, and ornate woodwork. via}

{Gorgeous climbing flowers. via}

{Side view of the above picture. via}

{So enchanting! via}

{Inside view of the above… Truly a retreat.  I love the chandeliers and beautiful chairs.  via}

{Same house as above… another view.  I love the ladder, stacked vintage suitcases, huge blue hydrangeas, chandelier and family photos.  An absolute dream.  via}

{I just want to peek inside! via}

{Stunning.  Bright, airy and plenty of hanging space.  via}

All photos were gathered on Pinterest.  Some of the original sources may vary.  For a daily dose of inspiration, follow my Pinterest boards here.

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