Mason Jars

Last week, I met with an absolutely lovely bride-to-be to chat about her wedding flowers.  I was pleasantly surprised/ecstatic (shhh!) to hear that her centerpieces are comprised of rustic lanterns, some beachy wood pieces, framed pictures of the couple… and for the flowers, my favorite: Mason Jars.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of classic white, varying centerpieces (like we did for Tiffany’s wedding as seen here), but there is such a timeless, cheerful simplicity about rustic mason jars that just makes me smile.  Since her colors are navy blue, white and yellow, we’re going to stick with white and yellow flowers (with Billy Balls aplenty) and being that I had just pinned this for my own inspiration board a few weeks ago, I think I’m going to have quite a bit of fun!  My meeting with Katie inspired me to dig out a few of my mason jars and put them to good use.  Filled with bright sunflowers, they’re just the pick-me-up that I’ve needed this week.

3 thoughts on “Mason Jars

    • I LOVE blue mason jars! They aren’t made anymore by either Ball or Kerr so you’ve got to scoop them up whenever you find them. I’m on a mission for some :-)

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