Chalkboard Paint

I have a confession.  I have spent a serious amount of time daydreaming about which of my kitchen walls to paint with Benjamin Moore’s Chalkboard Paint.  Being that we’re renters, I’ve ruled this urge out time and time again, but it’s always tempting me and saved in the back of my mind for when we are hopefully owners one day.  When a reader messaged me about the chalkboard in the background of one of my photos seen here, I figured it was time that I reveal my chalkboard paint obsession with the world.

As I was gearing up for an afternoon of entertaining, I scoured the internet for a chalkboard that could fit above our wine cabinet/buffet that would serve as a menu for our guests.  Whatever I found was either entirely too large or much too expensive so I opted to make my own (similar to the bulletin board shown here – thanks again student budget!).

{I had a picture frame that I wasn’t using so I removed the mat and glass, purchased a piece of panel board from Home Depot for $4, had it cut there to the size I needed and painted it with Benjamin Moore’s Chalkboard Paint – about $15/quart}

{I hung the finished product over our buffet as a menu and it serves as a space for inspirational quotes when we aren’t entertaining}

{Chalk Ink is AMAZING.  It’s about $7/4 pack at any arts and crafts store, writes like a marker and looks like chalk without the dust or mess}

{I was on a Chalk Ink kick so I finally labeled my garden markers}

3 thoughts on “Chalkboard Paint

  1. ok. I have at least a dozen old pictures I was going to sell in a garage sale, but now I’ve decided to dig them out of the basement (rather than sell them for $15 or $20 bucks), take out the glass & picture, paint the frame a cool color, get the hubby to cut me a piece of panel board, and I’m gonna make one of these for my dining room wall. I will list wines we have on hand in the house!! Thanks Megan, for inspiring me to finally do this, because I too have been obsessing just a tad after browsing through those Ballard’s and Pottery Barn catalogs!

  2. Ugh, I love chalkboard paint!! I had a good friend of mine paint the side of her fridge (since it was not against a wall there), and her kids did menu’s for the week. I must use this somewhere….but like you, I’m a renter. We’ll figure it out!

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