Wine Wednesday

Those of you who know me personally, know how close to my heart ONEHOPE Wine is.  Therefore, I find it only fitting that my first Wine Wednesday post highlight this incredible company.  Born with the idea of integrating “giving back” into business (above and beyond the corporate style of cutting a check to a foundation at the end of the year), ONEHOPE Wine has succeeded in making serving-a-greater-purpose the fabric of their brand.  50% of all profits are donated to partner charities and each different varietal goes toward a different cause.  While I LOVE all of their wines (created by Rob Mondavi Jr.), the Sauvignon Blanc, which benefits the American Forest Foundation (AFF) is by far my favorite summer wine with its citrus undertones and crisp finish.  Perfect pairings are salmon (my personal favorite), light pasta dishes, fresh fruits and a variety of cheeses.  I can’t wait to open a bottle tonight!

For every $1 donated, the American Forest Foundation will plant a tree to preserve one of our most precious resources. Cheers to that!

One thought on “Wine Wednesday

  1. megan, I think maybe you may have also missed a calling in photography!!! This picture is absolutely one of your best!

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