Peony Perfection

While I have an appreciation for all flowers, in my opinion there is none more perfect than the peony.  Starting as a tiny little ball (smaller than a golf ball) peonies mature into stunning blooms often in excess of 5 or 6 inches in diameter.  Their array of gorgeous hues combined with an undeniably sweet scent make this romantic flower a top pick amongst brides and women in general (hint, hint, gents!).  Always a crowd pleaser, they are a great addition to any interior space and promise to make a statement in even the simplest vase.  In LA, we don’t typically have peonies past the second week of July, so in honor of a great season (or in my sadness of them going out of season), I picked up a bunch in my favorite color.

Cut the stems short and arrange a few of them in a simple glass or silver julip vase.

Don’t worry about keeping the color uniform. Peonies are prettiest when natural and mixed with various shades.

5 thoughts on “Peony Perfection

  1. Love the color choice for the peonies! Do you know of a good place to buy silver julip vases…for a reasonable price? I know those can get pricey and I’m a bargain shopper!

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